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Little Misfortune APK latest version 2023

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Killmonday Games
1.2 para Android
Atualizado em:
ago 30, 2022
1.4 GB
Android obrigatório:
Android 5.0+
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The game is about a little girl whose life is really good. Her parents smoke and drink, and often fought at home. When her parents fight, she hides under her bed. Of course, no big impact on little girls like the environment. Of course, he also swears words learned. Without love, in his imagination to create these things can only avoid his happiness.

The little girl's voice clearly reflects the little girl's immaturity. Full of tone innocence, imagination, and playful little. Unknown, the desire for beauty and the desire to love is all so eagerly thoughtful words about his image were completed immediately and I could not help but love this little cutie.

Little Misfortune offers a thrilling story with lovable characters and interesting events taking place around them. Through the many attractive levels of this game, players can feel the sweetness and bitterness of the game. The situations the main character performs will provide players with many great surprises. Come play with Ramirez Hernandez for instant play and immerse yourself in the fun adventure.


The character you play in this game is Ramirez Hernandez, whose close name is Ramirez. She is an adorable eight-year-old who is agile in all of her tasks. She has a very rich imagination, which makes her very different from other people. In order to make her mother happy, she always wants to find interesting things. As a result, she makes a new friend named Mr. Voice. Through this friend, she went into a forest, where many strange situations took place, and much bad luck came to her. They talked and confided in each other. Play now to discover the truth that has not yet been revealed.


You will get lost in a forest when you play this game. You will experience a variety of situations in your life, including good and bad luck. Utilize all the knowledge and experience that you have accumulated to overcome this challenge and ensure your safety. The smartest. You should be a smart player who knows how to deal with enemies appropriately.


There are many cute and friendly wild animals you can meet in the forest during your stay. Take care of them like your loved ones by making friends and getting to know them. There are many kinds of animals you can raise, including hunting dogs, kittens, gentle wolves, as well as a variety of other animals. When life feels boring and hopeless, it can keep you company and make you happier. Although they already know the locations in this forest like the back of their hand, with their guidance, you will be able to discover everything new and fascinating.

There are several poetic and romantic scenes and trees in the interface background of the game that players can admire and enjoy. Elegant colors are used to sketch the settings, attracting and impressing players. Additionally, Little Misfortune's main character is depicted with a beautiful portrait. Featuring a sharp and delicate drawing with delicate colors, the character is sure to excite players.


This game has fascinating dubbing between the main character's dialogue with her friend. With that friend, she shares and tells her own story. As a result, you will be able to understand her motivations and desires in this game. Also, the background music gives players a sense of attraction, making them more immersed in the levels because of its lively and gentle sounds.


As a result of this game, children can participate in the game and discover new things about their surroundings. By handling situations, overcoming immediate problems, and making surprise gifts for their mothers, they will learn how to handle situations and overcome immediate difficulties. Additionally, this game strengthens and develops the brain as well as increases intelligence and flexibility. You can help your kids learn many new things by getting them involved in Little Misfortune. As an adult, you can also download these games if you want to return to your childhood and relax.


After completing the assigned tasks successfully, players will receive valuable gifts and unique rewards from the program. By using it, you will be able to overcome the challenges presented in the game. With Little Misfortune, you can have lots of fun and thoroughly enjoy a gloomy and peaceful atmosphere, and you can relax and entertain yourself to forget all your worries.